Raven Sex Doll 166cm 5ft5 C-cup only $1,499.00

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***Racyme 166cm 5ft5 C-cup Sex Doll Raven Only $1,499.00

raven-sex-doll-166cm-5ft5-c-cup-only-$1,499.00-free-shipping-best-prices-img4490000jk3435326646.jpg raven-sex-doll-166cm-5ft5-c-cup-only-$1,499.00-free-shipping-best-prices-img4490000jk3435326645.jpg

Gym girl Raven has recently come on board to find her perfect man. She’s not looking for a ripped male body loaded with 6-pack abs or anything like that. She’s looking for a serious, long-term relationship, and any guy who can commit to that is in the reckoning.

This beautiful C-Cup Jill Sex Doll with small tits, toned & tight body and a nice juicy ass.

She is a Resident sex bomb with tight cute beauty face. Perky tits, little waist, and evil toned ass. She is ready for a game night all the time.

High quality TPE, one of the top models right now so don't miss the opportunity




                     Raven wants be your roommate!


Oral, vaginal and anal capabilities, Raven wants to be your roommate!

Material: TPE with metal skeleton

Height: 166cm / 5ft 5inch

Breast: 87cm  / 34.25 inch

 Waist: 59cm / 23.22 inch

Hip: 85cm / 33.46 inch

Cross Shoulder: 39cm / 15.35 inch

Leg length: 86cm / 33,85 inch

Vaginal Depth: 18cm / 7 inch

Anal Depth: 18cm / 7 inch

Oral Depth: 12cm / 4,7 inch

Net Weight: 35kg

Gross Weight: 40kg

Packge size: 156*38*32cm

Manufactured by WM Dolls

*Model has been styled with hair, makeup, clothing and accessories for photo display

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raven-sex-doll-166cm-5ft5-c-cup-only-$1,499.00-free-shipping-best-prices-img4490000jk3435326643.jpg  raven-sex-doll-166cm-5ft5-c-cup-only-$1,499.00-free-shipping-best-prices-img4490000jk3435326644.jpg

Main takeaways to remember if you want your doll to last

We recommend using water and neutral soap to clean TPE and silicone dolls. Please do not use chemicals, alcohol or any other general user stain removers.

Keep your doll in a dry place and avoid excessive heat and humidity.

Some clothes might fade or stain the skin. We recommend not to press clothes against the doll skin while in use.

When storing your doll, it is recommended to keep arms and legs straight in order to avoid harming the skin or the skeleton.

You can use makeup, just be careful while applying and removing makeup. Avoid oil-based makeups or chemicals, only use water-based makeup. Do not use makeup removers that might contain alcohol. Be careful with perfumes as some of them might have alcohol, spray hidden parts of your doll.

Do not use sharp or hot utensils near your doll. Avoid razors, irons, etc.

Clean the doll after use.




Have a quality Lube within your arm’s reach

Using lube with the sex doll not only enhances longevity, but it also reduces friction, thus avoiding potential injury. Lube also introduces the much-needed sloppy toppy to improve the experience and make it more realistic. When using your sex doll, make sure you have a water-based lube specifically, because it’s latex and silicone-friendly. This way you can enjoy the experience without degrading the material of your new girlfriend or the condom (if you choose to use one).

Pro Tip: Using a condom is recommended if you want to simplify the cleaning process

Remember to pick a water based one if you are going to use it with your doll. Find some great ones here

Do not submerge the head and wig in the water.

When cleaning your sex doll, start with removing the head and wig. Clean them separately using the recommended cleaning agents and following the required steps. Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe off any accumulated dust or any other dirt. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s guide and avoid using excessive force when cleaning- do it gently.

Baby Powder

It is important to remember that silicone and TPE realistic love dolls are delicate and require special attention. We also recommend the use of baby powder to keep your love doll clean and fresh.

Why purchase a Sexy Real Sex Doll?

As you probably know, sex dolls have been around for long time, but still many customers feel ashamed when contacting us or requesting information about sex dolls as if sex dolls were a taboo topic, something bad or illegal. But the reality is that sex dolls are very popular these days and even more accepted in modern society. Especially now that sex doll manufacturers are developing super realistic dolls and in the future we will see life-like sex dolls with artificial intelligence that promise to give them even more of a human-like feel. Experts believe that relationships with sex dolls or love dolls will be more common in the next few years as robotics, virtual reality and computing will allow love dolls to think and act as humans.

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